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Entrepreneurs, Investors and Developers

About MGMT

Our team is comprised of experienced and proven professionals leading exceptional minds of the future.

In addition to producing leading financial performance, we focus our time and energy on projects we believe will have a positive social and environmental impact.

MGMT infrastructure

Our journey at MGMT Infrastructure began with a single private home. Since then, it has grown into a broad diversity of investments, ranging from bridges to vast land projects and fibre optics.  MGMT Infrastructure has visions to expand and focus investments in carefully selected sectors, with calculated and  forward thinking choices. MGMT Infrastructure  keeps its parents values of ethical and sustainable investments. 

MGMT Ventures

MGMT Ventures developed from our Founder’s own experience and passion for start-ups. As a start-up mogul himself, it was only natural that he would want to invest in similar projects with the founding of MGMT Ventures. MGMT Ventures now allows our team to invest in and provide management consultancy to promising new players. MGMT Ventures has a reach across opportunities, ranging from biomedical ventures to electronics and software.

The Team

Experienced and dedicated to company success

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